A Day In The Life: Ryan Le Tocq – Plumbing & Heating Customer Service Manager

March 7, 2023 | News | By Dalen Vile

As part of National Careers Week, we have interviewed a variety of our staff to hear what a day in their role consists of. Here’s what Ryan our Plumbing & Heating Customer Service Manager had to say:

How does your day start?
I normally wake up at about 0620 and have breakfast. I can be pretty grouchy until I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee. I play with our cat for a bit then make my way to work. I’m here checking emails and setting up for the day just before 0730. I open up the department, make sure the cash is in the register and go through all our fire checks.

I’ve been at Norman Piette for just over 4 years and my new role is pretty varied and involves both stock and staff. I look after whatever stock we are holding, look for new suppliers to find the best deal for our customers. I also ensure staff in the department are up to speed and need any training and have meetings with senior management to see how we can improve on our offering.

What is the best aspect of your job.
There’s a real family feeling here at Norman Piette. There is genuine team spirit, we look after each other and there is plenty of banter and humour in the workplace. If the atmosphere is bad then that can impact on staff and it can spread and bring down the department. There’s none of that here.

What is your biggest challenge?
For me the hardest aspect is getting a balance on things. Some days I can get very involved in quotes or handling a computer-based issue. On another day there is more customer or staff interaction. Obviously, I want to do my best at everything so getting an overview on how best to spend my time is important. But, I love the variety the job offers. Every day is different. It keeps me on my toes.

How does your working day finish?
I like to ensure that all the desk areas are tidy, all the shelves are filled up and the floor is cleared.

What do you do after work?
I love playing on my Xbox but I also love cooking and preparing a meal most nights for my wife and me. I can make a pretty mean spaghetti bolognese and like to cook cordon bleu.

We’ve got a new house so there are always jobs to do but I also like designing on my computer. My brother has a band so I help out making videos which is fun.

I love travelling and in January we just came back from Madeira where my wife is from. It’s lovely there. We left Guernsey at the end of December and it was about five degrees. When we landed in Madeira it was 22 degrees and sunny. I can get very used to sitting around in shorts and t-shirts in winter. Maybe we’ll retire there but that is a few years away!

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