A Day In The Life: Sharon Le Page – Finance Administrator

March 10, 2023 | News | By Dalen Vile

As part of National Careers Week, we have interviewed a variety of our staff to hear what a day in their role consists of. Here’s what Sharon our Finance Assistant had to say:

How does your day start?
I do like to have a cup of tea in the morning after my shower. I then give my youngest son a shout to get him up for school – (it doesn’t work!) Then I come to work for 0800. I don’t live too far away so if the weather is nice I will walk in. If it’s raining and I’m feeling lazy I’ll bring the car.

I’ve only been with the company for five months and I deal with accounts. I process the money we’ve had in. I also deal with invoicing. So, my role is to help look after money coming in and money going out.

What is the best aspect of your job?
We have different companies within the NP Group with Norman Piette being just one. There’s Quantum Building Supplies in Jersey and Blanchard in Alderney which I am currently looking after. Everyone is so nice and friendly so it’s nice to speak to them on the phone.

In my previous job, I was involved in facilities management but also did a bit of invoicing. I found I really enjoyed it so when this job came up I went for it, got it and I absolutely love it. The team I am in really welcomed me, they are great and we get on so well together. They have made my job easy and I’m happy to help wherever I can. With some jobs, you dread going back to work on a Monday but it’s the opposite here.

How does your working day finish?
I’m probably still inputting invoices and answering customers’ questions. People might have a query or want to make a payment. We do all of that over the phone. It’s great to solve any problems and ensure customers are happy and are getting a good service.

What do you do after work?
I love a game of darts and play for the Fontaine Fillies and used to play for the island. I’ve just started back up and as of Tuesday have been asked to play for the island team again!

I really looking forward to a trip to Benidorm in September. I’m going with one of my friends, I can’t wait!

Norman Piette have built a fantastic recreation space for colleagues to get together relax and get to know each other. I’ve joined the company’s sports & social committee and we’ve started a darts league and a pool league. There are lots of things to enjoy including a meat draw which is once a month. We get to chat to each other with a glass of something and a few nibbles. It’s great!

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