A Day In The Life: Will Davidson – Internal & External Sales Advisor

March 9, 2023 | News | By Dalen Vile

As part of National Careers Week, we have interviewed a variety of our staff to hear what a day in their role consists of. Here’s what Will our Internal & External Sales Advisor had to say:

How does your day start?

I’m living with my girlfriend and her parents at Vazon at the moment while we save for a place of our own. I don’t do caffeine anymore so no coffee for me in the mornings since lockdown. I feel better without it!

Being on the west coast it’s a nice drive into work and I’m normally in by 0715. My first job will be to go through emails and looking at the ‘quick wins’ I can do first such as replying to customers and suppliers. Once that’s done I can work on all the quotes that need doing.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I’ve been at Norman Piette for 12 years now and my role is changing as I currently spend half my time in the office and the other half on the road. I’m hoping that will be full-time soon. I love getting out and seeing customers, interacting with them on a daily basis. I’ve got my own customer base of about 80 clients and I’ll visit them on site. My day can change quite quickly as I often get calls on my mobile from customers who need me to pop along to advise them. I enjoy building relationships and it’s great when you get a nice order in. I get a buzz out of it.

What is your biggest challenge?

Living on an island and relying on things that we have no control over can be a challenge. Dealing with suppliers and trying to get materials to the island on time can be hard. We want to get the quotes out to customers as soon as we can but sometimes there can be delays in receiving the prices back from our suppliers which can impact on that all-important customer service. Being the largest building supplier we have a very large amount of orders coming through and we need to manage our customers’ expectations.

How does your working day finish?

Depending on whether I’m in the office or out on the road my days can be quite different. In the office I like to catch up on all the paper work so I can give myself a good fresh start the following morning. If I’ve been on site visits I like to write up all my notes for action points and conversations which will stand me in good stead for my next visit. It’s all about staying up to date.

What do you do after work?

I like to go to the gym three times each week. I have recently started playing table tennis in the league for Ravenscroft Panthers which I’m enjoying.

My main sport is golf and I play for the L’Ancresse Golf Club. I like to get away at least once each year with the lads for a golf trip, maybe Portugal or Majorca. I also love to go skiing with my girlfriend or take a road trip across Europe.

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