35. Prison Volunteering

7 December 2023

Simon Taylor our Executive Heavyside Manager recently volunteered at Les Nicolles Prison

Here is his experience from his own words:

“Volunteering at the prison to teach inmates the essential skills of applying for a job has been a transformative experience.

As I walked through the prison gates, I embarked on a journey to empower individuals who are seeking a fresh start. Guiding them through the process of crafting CV’s, filling out application forms, composing cover letters, and mastering interview techniques has been incredibly rewarding.

Witnessing the determination and eagerness of these inmates to reintegrate into society and secure employment has underscored the importance of second chances. Through patient guidance and mentorship, I aim to equip them with the tools needed to overcome the barriers they face and redefine their futures.

This volunteering opportunity has not only bridged the gap between the incarcerated and the outside world but has also highlighted the potential for positive change when empathy and education intersect.”

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