New Heatmiser Thermostats

November 1, 2018 | New Products | By Lindsey Hart


Heatmiser Neo is the most comprehensive smart control system available, catering for conventional radiator, water & electric underfloor heating systems, as well as hot water.

Simple to use & Setup
The intuitive menu navigation ensures Neo is a simple and highly flexible system.

Most Heating Systems Supported
Neo supports the most popular types of heating, including radiators, water and electric floor heating and renewable energy systems.

Modern Styling
The neoStat is designed to be discreet and with dimensions similar to a light switch, the neoStat will be noticed for its features not size.


Smart Profiles enable users to program time and temperature settings and then apply them to a number of zones. Any subsequent change to the profile will be automatically applied to those zones using the profile.

Geo location facility automatically turns the heating off when the home owner leaves and back on when they return, the Geo Location feature is an ideal energy saving feature.

No subscriptions: there are no on-going costs for the user and the system improves over time with regular system updates.

The Mesh Networking feature of Neo greatly increases the communication distance of the system as the communication data is automatically routed between the connected

Up to 32 zones can be controlled from anywhere and large systems are easily controlled by using the Global features in the neoApp.

Remotely updated: ensuring the Neo System is always up to date, the neoHub will periodically download updates and apply new features and patches to the connected devices.

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