NEW Millboard Fire Rated Composite Cladding

February 15, 2023 | New Products | By Dalen Vile

After years of development, Millboard released their highly anticipated fire-rated cladding board; Envello Shadow Line +

An advanced offering over the standard Shadow Line, to provide a fire-rated cladding system.

Shadow Line + has been developed to look almost identical to their standard Shadow Line boards, but with enhanced properties and a fire classification. Tested to the rigorous demands of BS EN 13501-1, the Shadow Line+ system achieves a classification of Euroclass D. The fire rating on the Shadow Line+ not only covers the cladding boards but also includes the accessory items through a full system build-up, this includes new Reveal Boards, Corner Profiles and Coloured Head Screws. The formulation of the Shadow Line+ still continues the unique overall Millboard composition of a resin mineral mix, however, has now been specially formulated to achieve the fire rating.

Their Shadow Line+ range boasts the same beauty as the standard Shadow Line range, but benefits from being a certified fire-rated cladding system.

Available in Smoked Oak, Limed Oak, Burnt Cedar, Antique Oak, and Golden Oak

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