On 1 July 2023, Norman Piette will turn 50, marking our Golden Year. To celebrate, we have an exciting lineup of events and activities.

Hundreds of years of local heritage

Norman Piette is celebrating its 50th anniversary, but its success as a local business today is indebted to the rich history of its three forerunner companies:

  • The Charroterie Mills Ltd;
  • The Piette Saw Mills;
  • J&D Norman

These companies have played a pivotal role in Island life since 1740.

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50 Acts of Kindness

We couldn’t have reached our 50-year milestone without the support of the Guernsey community. Therefore, we are pledging to accomplish 50 acts of kindness within the community during our 50th anniversary year. We hope that this, in turn, inspires others to spread compassion, goodwill, and generosity, and make a positive impact in their local communities.

49. Voucher Donation

We donated a £50 voucher to Guernsey Cancer Support for their charity raffle

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48. Voucher Donation

We donated a £50 voucher to Les Varendes High School raffle, raising money for their activities week.

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47. Voucher Donation

We donated a £50 voucher to Choices Guernsey for their Eurovision themed charity raffle

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