Access Covers & Gratings

Access covers and gully grates can be safety critical

We supply a wide range of manhole covers, access covers, gulley gratings and surface boxes to suit any project specification.

Our cast iron access covers offer solid top and pavior options in various sizes and loading capabilities suited to residential, commercial and industrial building and construction.

The Tristar range of D400 ductile iron access covers fully complies with the European Standard BS EN 124:2015 and carries the British Standard Kitemark. Tristar also possesses some innovative design features that mark it out from the competition.

Also available: Ultracrete M60 Rapid Strength Bedding Mortar

Please view the gallery below to see the stocked access covers and gratings available from Norman Piette

For further information on Access Covers & Gratings, call us on +44 (0) 1481 245801 or email


Double Steel and Locked Pressed Steel Cover

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Recessed Covers with Block Infill

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UNITE D400 Manhole Cover

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C250 Manhole Cover

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Safeseal B125 Manhole Cover

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Surface Boxes

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D400 Hinged Gully Grates

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