Siemens Home Connect

Smart appliances controlled anywhere from your smartphone.

Why smart kitchen appliances?
It’s easy to think that kitchens are fully evolved, but with the onset of the Internet of Things, our world is becoming increasingly smarter by the minute. Whether it is checking the fridge from the shop, or sending a recipe straight to your oven, Siemens Smart Home Appliances with Home Connect let your world grow – from the everyday to the not so everyday.

Send recipes to your oven.
With Home Connect and the right partner, you can now transfer your favourite recipe directly to your oven. Simply choose from a wide range of inspiring recipes and the appliance will adapt its settings accordingly.

Fresh laundry at any time.
Life in metropolis always includes traffic jams, and minutes turning into hours without you even noticing. If you set the washing program to be completed when you were supposed to be home, you’re definitely not coming home to fresh laundry. But why not make better use of your time on your way home? With Home Connect, you can control your Wi-Fi enabled home appliances whenever you want, from wherever you are.

Done in time. Every time.
By remote controlling your appliances you can start, stop, pause and change settings from everywhere – simply by using your smartphone or tablet and the Home Connect App. With one click you can start your washer, pre-heat your oven or change the temperature inside your fridge. Whenever you want and from wherever you are.

More possibilities to keep you always in style.
Appearance matters. To make a statement or feel unstoppable, you need the right clothes – carefully selected and delicately treated. With Home Connect, the Wi-Fi enabled Siemens washing machines and dryers take laundry to the next level. Discover what connectivity can do for your style.

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