Brushes, Sealants & Adhesives

Using top quality materials in a paint project can make all the difference to the finish

Preparation materials from wallpaper remover, sanding paper and scrapers through to the best quality brushes, dust sheets and rollers are in stock from suppliers including Purdy, Hamilton, Polycell, Bostik and Geocel.


Each Purdy professional brush is an individually built tool, designed, formulated, blended and hand-crafted for maximum painting performance. Only the finest raw materials are used, without exception. From formulation to production, each step in the production process represents a standard for hand craftsmanship and quality unmatched in the industry.

  • Outstanding Finish Appearance
  • Proven Durability
  • Excellent Paint Distribution

Hamilton Brushes

Hamilton have been creating decorating tools for over 250 years so pride themselves on knowing a thing or two. All of their products are made using first-class production techniques, including the very latest in testing facilities with a dedicated team of technical experts. Manufacturing processes are checked regularly and improvements made on an ongoing basis to ensure top quality products.


Polycell gives a professional finish every time. They offer the best solutions to repair, fill and equalise walls creating a perfect wall to paint on. We stock a range of their products including caulk, fillers, wallpaper remover, paint remover and more.


Geocel have been providing the construction and industrial sectors with high quality sealants, coatings and associated chemicals for more than a quarter of a century. Many of their brands such as Trade Mate and Dow Corning enjoy market leading positions and have been the professionals products of choice for many years.

Bostik Evo-Stik

Evo-Stik brand of adhesives and high performance sealants was created in the 1940s. Offering a wide range of adhesives for beginners and heavy-duty DIYers, Evo-Stik products are used to repair, bond and assemble all substrates on all surfaces in the home.


Toupret offers an extensive variety of fillers, designed for a wide range of applications, from filling to finishing, jointing to skimming, repairing to treating, giving professionals a complete range of solutions for any and all jobs.

These fillers can be used inside and outside, on new builds and renovations, and across all kinds of surfaces. These include plaster, masonry, wood and even problem surfaces such as damp, or where movement causes cracks. Available in powder form (to be mixed) or ready to use, they offer excellent adhesion, whatever the surface, and allow you to obtain an impeccable finish.

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