Air Source Heat Pumps

An air-source heat pump looks like an air conditioning unit on the outside of buildings, and it works a bit like a fridge in reverse, using electricity to extract energy from the outside air and warm it up with a compressor.


Using Mitsubishi inverter driven technology to reduce energy usage, Warmflow Zeno air source heat pumps are available in 3 ouputs from 6kW to 17kW, all work off single phase electricity and are compatible with their range of specially designed twin coil heat pump cylinders.


Joule Heat Pump Cylinders in conjunction with Samsung provides one of the world’s leading air source heat pump systems. The process consists of an evaporator, a compressor and a condenser. It absorbs heat from the outside air and the heat pump compressor then increases the temperature of that heat further to create useful heat.

The Samsung EHS Monobloc range is the culmination of years of research into what a Heat Pump should be. Simple to install, configure and most importantly use, the EHS Monobloc is the most cost-effective solution to the majority of domestic heating needs.

Smart Grid Ready & PV Enabled

  • Integrates with All Users on the Grid.
  • Optimises the Power Supply.
  • Maximises Use of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Solar PV-Ready

2020 Gen 6 Models

  • Hot Water: up to 65°C
  • Outputs: from 5 – 16 Kw
  • SCOP: up to 4.85

Smart Connectivity

  • Whole House Automation.
  • Zoned Temperature Control.
  • Touch Screen Controller.

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