Underfloor Heating

Energy efficient, low running costs & tailored temperature control

Replacing radiators with a home heating system that’s underfoot and out of sight means you have space to create the home you want without compromising on style. Since underfloor heating uses a lower temperature than standard radiators, heating costs are reduced. Because the heat source is spread throughout the floor, it is more evenly distributed and provides significantly higher levels of comfort.

There are two types of systems available: electric and water based underfloor heating. The former utilises electricity to heat a very thin wire, and the latter uses warm water which circulates through the heating pipe.

The suitability of each system depends on your project and preference. The electric system may be better for small areas such as bathrooms and renovations as it does not raise floor levels. Wet systems are ideal for larger areas or new constructions as they are fitted into the structural sub-floor.

Electric Systems

Norman Piette are the exclusive Warmup Hydronic systems stockist in Guernsey.

Warmup is the world’s best-selling underfloor heating brand and a market leader with their DCM-PRO product which is kept in stock at Norman Piette. This is the fastest solution for the installation of a heated decoupling system in all areas, installing electric underfloor heating in minutes with less tile adhesive. The system suits all floor types and protects the floor finish from seasonal changes that may cause cracks in the floor finish.

The patent pending self-adhesive backing of DCM-PRO attaches directly to the subfloor meaning that no additional adhesive is needed, significantly reducing both time and costs, and it also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

We stock the StickyMat range, which has the same lifetime warranty and safetynet warranty as the DCM Pro.
‘The StickyMat System is ideal for installations within regularly shaped areas, where the 0.5m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. It can be used with all floor types compatible with underfloor heating whether you are choosing laminate flooring, vinyl, carpet, tiles or other. The compatibility with all floor coverings and the fact that StickyMat does not visibly raise your floor height makes it the ideal system for refurbishment projects.’

We also deal with Warmup’s other electric underfloor heating such as: Foil heater, Inscreed cable and Loose Wire through special order.

New Wall Heater

We can now offer Warmup’s Innovative electric wall heating mat that provides radiant warmth for cold tiled walls. Used in conjunction with a Warmup Underfloor heating solution, the StickyMat 3D System is ideal for creating a 360 degree sense of warmth in your home. It is recommended for installation with ceramic, stone or porcelain wall tiles. Its heating wires are ready attached to a self-adhesive backed mesh mat for a hassle-free installation.

DCM-PRO Heated Decoupling System
The DCM-PRO System offers an easy to install radiant floor solution for renovation and new-build projects and is suitable for use with all floor types. It features a unique self-healing decoupling layer which is particularly suitable for protecting floor tiles from cracking due to subfloor movement caused by seasonal temperature changes.
Available as a loose electrical heating cable and anti-fracture membrane combination, the system features a 4.5mm multi-strand, dual core heating cable insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer, making it exceptionally tough and easy to tile over. The cable is easily clipped into the accompanying anti-fracture membrane by gently pressing it in between the membranes castellation’s, with no tools required. The cable can be fitted at variable spacing’s to suit your requirements and the membrane uses a self-adhesive backing that can be attached directly to the subfloor and is 40% faster to install than standard floor heating membranes.
The DCM-PRO Heated Decoupling System comes in clear, easy sizes with 1 M/2 of cable fitting exactly 1 M/2 of membrane.
Innovative self-healing, self-adhesive membrane
Fast to install heated decoupling system
Flexible heat output – 112.5 Watts per M/2 to 225 Watts per M/2

StickyMat System
Warmup’s StickyMat System offers a low-profile electric underfloor heating solution that is quick and easy to install. It features a thin heating wire that is evenly spaced and taped to a glass fibre mesh matting with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing so that it can be easily attached to the subfloor and repositioned without losing adhesion.
With a system depth of just 3mm, the StickyMat System can be fitted directly within the layer of tile adhesive or levelling compound meaning will not raise floor levels. is suitable for most floor finishes and is available in a choice of 150 W/m² and 200 W/m² heat outputs.
Fastest installation of an underfloor heating system
Uses Warmup’s renowned 1.8mm heating wire – no increase to floor levels
Use with all floor finishes

Inscreed Cable System
The Warmup Inscreed Cable System is an ideal electric floor heating solution for new-build projects. It has been specifically designed for installation within concrete screeded subfloors and once installed, it can be covered with any flooring. The slower heat-up and cool-down times of this system makes it suitable for rooms in constant use, as the screed can be used as a form of storage heater.

Storage heating functionality – slower heat-up and cool-down times

Suitable for all applications providing a primary or secondary form of heating

Flexible heat output – cable can be laid at different spacings

Foil Heater
Warmup’s Foil Heater is a great underfloor heating option for any room featuring floating floor finishes, such as wood, laminate, vinyl and carpets. It is available to order in prepared rolls, where the system’s heating wires are positioned within a reinforced aluminium foil mat that conducts the heat smoothly and evenly beneath your floor – at either 80w/m2 or 140 w/m2. At only 3mm deep, the Foil Heater will have little-to-no impact on floor levels and it offers a ‘dry’ installation with no need for adhesives or screed.
Offers a dry, screedless installation
Compatible with floating floor finishes
Low-profile heating mat – little impact on floor heights


6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

The 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat stands as the first underfloor heating controller in the world equipped with a Smartphone touchscreen. It incorporates cutting-edge technology to optimize the energy efficiency of any Warmup system.

Designed for compatibility with both electric and water-based underfloor heating systems, the 6iE requires no programming. It utilizes the most recent Warmup technologies to maintain the ideal temperature in your home, ensuring comfort when you need it.

Element WiFi Thermostat

The Element WiFi Thermostat is crafted for both simplicity and elegant functionality. It ensures energy-efficient temperature management for all types of floor heating systems. With no need for programming, the Element leverages Warmup’s advanced Smart technology to automatically regulate heating, providing both luxurious comfort and efficient energy use.

Tempo Thermostat

The Tempo Digital Programmable Thermostat is an easy to use controller for all Warmup underfloor heating systems. It utilises a simple, clear design with intuitive controls – allowing the user to set personalised heating programmes with a turn of the dial.
The Tempo’s Proportional Adaptive Function learns the time it takes to warm the room and activates the heating early, so it is up to the right temperature when needed. It is available at an accessible price point and offers quick installation times; meaning it can be up and running in mere minutes.
Dial-based control – easy to use
Early start algorithm – helps avoid wasting energy
Set up in minutes

Wet Systems

Water, also called wet or hydronic underfloor heating systems are a popular choice for extensions and new constructions. The system uses water for heating, so it can be linked to virtually any heat source from a standard boiler to newer sustainable technologies, such as solar thermal energy or heat pumps.

Each system we provide is tailored during the project’s design stage to get an optimal balance between the system performance and efficiency. Once complete, the lifetime warranty on our heating pipes provide true peace of mind that the system will continue to perform.

We now also keep the Warmup Clypso system and Metro Rail system in stock.

The Warmup Metro System is designed for use within either a floating or a bonded screed floor. The system uses pre-moulded retention clips that attach the heating pipe to the rail. The rail features a self-adhesive backing for quick installation and are positioned in parallel runs on top of the insulation layer. The rail and insulation are separated by a plastic membrane, which acts as a moisture barrier.

These systems use Warmup’s PEX-A pipe, this pipe is formed as a single extrusion with an adhesive layer and EVOH oxygen barrier. The oxygen barrier is required to prevent ingress of oxygen which will fuel corrosion within the system. The PEX-A pipe is able to withstand higher pressures, is more kink resistant and considerably more flexible than competing Pex-pipes. This means an easier installation for the installer.
The oxygen diffusion barrier encases PEX-A completely, preventing the entry of oxygen into the heating system via the pipe work. The tough outer layer is designed to withstand the rigours of surrounding workloads, ensuring that the oxygen barrier remains intact. This significantly reduces the risk of corrosion within the entire system. PEX-A Pipe also comes with a lifetime Warranty.

All systems come with Warmup’s S3 Manifold, which can provide regulation for up to twelve underfloor heating circuits with an optional mixing unit available to provide advanced water temperature control. With a ¾” port and air vent on each manifold arm, flushing, filling and removing air from systems during commissioning is simple. Each flow arm is fitted with a thermo-manometer, making pressure testing quick and reliable, with 0-5 l/min Taconova flow gauges providing precise, confident and efficient system balancing.
The ¾” Eurocone connections on the manifold allow for the use of Warmups 16x2mm and 12x2mm pipe connectors as well as standard 3rd party connectors, making it easy for you to upgrade an old 3rd party system with the advanced Warmup S3 manifold and SMART™ controls.

The Warmup S3 Manifold is engineered for easy installation, commissioning and years of trouble-free service. Each manifold arm is forged from a single piece of seamless stainless steel and equipped with high quality components for a market leading specification that is backed up by the Warmup 10 year warranty.

We also have access to the other ranges of Warmup Wet underfloor heating including: Econna system (Chipboard system), Total-16 System (16mm overlay insulation board system with diffusion plates, used with Warmup’s 12mm PEX-A Pipe), Nexxa Panel System and Forte Grid System ( System that utilises steel reinforced concrete or screed floors).

Norman Piette offer a free CAD design service for underfloor heating provided with PDF Copy. The Detailed CAD Design/Layout including flows and returns from manifold locations.

Ultralight 6mm insulation board

We are stockists of Warmup’s new Ultralight 6mm insulation board. It has been engineered with a four-layer construction method for maximal insulation properties and heat conductivity.
Its energy-saving insulation layer is enveloped between a top layer of synthetic fabric, onto which a heating system can be directly installed, an aluminium core which assists in an even and efficient distribution of heat, and a base layer of decoupling fleece. The decoupling fleece base offers an ideal surface to adhere to the subfloor whilst also providing increased protection for tiled floor finishes due to any potential damage caused by lateral subfloor movement.

INSULATING: High-density insulating core
HEAT SPREADING: Aluminium layer for faster, more even, heat spread
DECOUPLING: Tested to ANSI standards and rated as HIGH PERFORMANCE
LIGHTER: ⅓ lighter than XPS insulation board (per m²)
DUST FREE: Less dust means less mess
COVERAGE: 1200 mm x 800mm, total coverage is 0.96m², which means less boards and less joints
EASIER TO CUT: No cement skin, so easier to cut with a Stanley knife
MORE ROBUST: Less susceptible to damage during transit and when handling
PRICING: Ultralight boards give more coverage than standard INS boards, so factor that in when comparing price. Better to compare price per m²

For further information on Underfloor Heating, call us on +44 (0) 1481 245801 or email sales@norman-piette.com.


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