Flat Roofing

The latest innovation in flat roofing technology

Icopal is the leading manufacturer of waterproofing products for flat roofs and offers a comprehensive range of flat roofing systems and roof accessories. All of their products are available either from stock or to special order from Norman Piette.

Enviroflex Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Customers currently using liquid applied waterproofing systems will be familiar with the challenges often associated with this type of product. Unpleasant odours, restrictive weather conditions, differing application processes, multi component systems, these make the successful installation of liquid systems very challenging. Enviroflex has been developed with these attributes in mind to produce a membrane which is considerate to the needs of the installer.

  • Solvent Free
  • Resealable lids
  • Very low/no odour
  • Fast curing
  • Wet-on-wet” application
  • Usable at low temperature
  • Applied to a wide range of new and existing substrates


Liquid repair kit designed to provide an emergency or temporary waterproofing solution to damaged or punctured flat roof membranes.

Xtra-Gard Flat Roofing Systems

Range of waterproofing membranes has been developed to provide a comprehensive range of products to suit all applications; from traditional Shed Felt for basic DIY application through to High Performance systems for the professional roofer. Torch on and Tradebond available from stock.

Anderson Flat Roofing Pour and Roll

We stock 3H Perforated Glass Base layer and 3B Glass Base Layer as well as 250 Power Elastomeric Top Sheet.

For further information on Flat Roofing, call us on +44 (0) 1481 245801 or email sales@norman-piette.com.


Flat Roofing Guide

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