Roof Tiles & Slates

Quality tiles or slates can enhance the look and value of a property

Numerous types of slates and tiles are kept in large stock quantities at Norman Piette, so you can start a job without delay.

Eco Slates

100% recycled with a 50 year warranty these slates are not only time savers but a breeze to install on a roof pitch down to 10 degrees. Suitable for most applications and kept in stock, click here for more info.

Dreadnought Tiles

Recognised for their unrivalled true clay colours. Colour is generated exclusively through the delicate control of the kiln atmosphere, without the use of surface pigments, stains or coloured sands. The colour of a Dreadnought Tile is unique, their natural colour has a warmth and subtlety that cannot be matched with artificial colours and will endure for the lifetime of the tile, as the colour is fired into the body rather than applied as a surface coating. We stock red and brindle tiles in two sizes and eaves.

Clay Tiles

Clay roof tiles are a natural and durable roofing material, available in a wider range of colours and sizes than ever before. They are suitable for most applications and work especially well on heritage properties. Four colours from supplier Sandtoft are stocked with the full range available to order.


Natural slate has strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency (due to it’s thermal resistance) and durability. Well fitted slates can out-live the rest of the building, often with minimal maintenance, whilst being the most environmentally friendly product on the market. The Mocha Spanish Slate is kept in stock, a black slate with a smooth surface and distinctive appearance. This roofing slate is flat and even, meaning there is less sorting and grading required which means less work (and therefore time) for the roofer installing the product.

Marley Fibre Cement Roof Slate

A smooth surface and square cut edges give a low profile slate at an economical price, particularly suitable to complex roof geometries down to 15°. With its low wastage and ease of installation, it is a choice product for many types of new build and refurbishment projects.

Dryvent Ridge System

Provides completely mortar-free mechanically fixed ridge and 5mm continuous ventilation along ridge.
Simple, fast installation
Pitch range 15° – 55°
Meets BS 5534 requirements and NHBC guidelines

Rapid Hip System

Designed to provide a totally dry fixed, ventilated and weathertight hip that is fast and simple to install. Every hip unit is mechanically fixed eliminating the need for mortar completely.


Everything you’ll need to finish a roofing job is available from stock including universal angle ridges, third round hip tiles, block ends and more.

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