Roofshield Breathable Roof Underlay

October 6, 2017 | New Products | By Lindsey Hart

Roofshield is a unique patented vapour permeable tile and slate underlay. The product provides the most cost effective solution to controlling interstitial condensation in a pitched roof.

Key Features & Benefits

• Air and Vapour permeable.
• Low vapour resistance.
• Water Resistant
• Cost effective solution.
• Roll size 1m x 50m, weight 9.25kg.
• Colour green printed top layer and
white underside.

Roofshield carries 2 BBA certificates -96/3220 for insulated pitched roofs, and 99/3648 for cold roofs where insulation is placed at ceiling level. The cold roof certificate includes for various shapes and sizes of roofs, including hips, valleys, room in the roof etc and even extends to the Scottish construction of softwood sarking boards with the slates fixed directly to the underlay without the requirement of additional ventilation into the loftspace.
Roofshield has approval from the NHBC for use in pitched roofs without ventilation offering cost savings and ease of design and supervision.

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